Beginners Podcasting Workshops for the community of Erith. These are being delivered in partnership with Bexley Community Safety Partnership. We will also work to interview some key people from the local area of Erith.

The podcasts will be available to listen back to on our YUPOD via major platforms such as Spotify, iTunes.

Podcasting has become a popular way of addressing topics. It has become an important tool in communication. Podcasting can promote important discussions in a safe and comfortable environment. Many platforms that focus on podcasting as a medium are reaching audiences that were previously hard to attract.

Youth unity have used podcasting as a positive way of teaching young people that communicating effectively and raising awareness about topics that affect your immediate surroundings are a good way of creating change. 

The core focus of using podcasting as a medium is to enable people of all ages to share the experience of talking together irrespective of age, gender or ability. The outcomes are measured in the recordings and can be an effective way of bridging the gaps in our communities. 

The other benefits of using podcasting with young people is that it provides them with a new skill set that can be transferred into every aspect of their lives. Communication is the key to almost every career and the better you are at it the more opportunities are available. 

All workshops are fully facilitated and all of the equipment is portable enabling the podcasting platform to be set up in the smallest of spaces. 

Workshops are run over a six week period and the aim is to produce at least three podcasts that are of broadcast quality. 

Starting 21st January for four weeks

Workshop outline: 

  1. Introduction to podcasting:

  2. Brainstorming ideas:  

  3. Planning the episode: 

  4. Recording the episode: 

  5. Editing the episode: 

  6. Sharing the episode:  

  7. Recap and reflection: 

Workshop 1.

Workshop 2.

In Spring last year we tested the waters with some podcasting sessions and the young people really enjoyed themselves …
this time we are going to invite key people to be intereviewed.