Great news its confirmed that Mi-Soul will be hosting a music area at Youth Unity …

Our very own ambassador JUMPIN JACK FROST will be on the line up joined by other Mi-Soul DJs all giving their time to support the cause … which is all about empowering our youth and showing some love to the community/

The event is free to attend, but you need to register for a ticket!

Mi-Soul will be supporting the event with lots of free advertising, telling everyone to come down for a great family day out for everyone to enjoy!

So we say a huge Thank YOU to Gordon Mac the man behind Mi-Soul for supporting us, it is hugely appreciated

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Where it all began at Hackney Marsh

this started as a picnic in the park, bringing organisations together to share ideas etc, and we felt incorporating the football would be a good way to engage the young people along to the event.  It was incredibly well received and this is how YOUTH UNITY was born! all from a telephone conversation and passion.

We have always been very lucky to have so much love and support and time donated for free to support our young people and community!

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Days Like These – Film Project working with the NHS

This project wasrun in partnership with South London & Maudsley Trust, working with a group of young people with high level mental health needs.  The short video and podcast helped to map their voices and journey through the pandemic.

Film of the young people and their journey through covid-19

Podcast of the young people

This podcast captured the voices of the young people throughout the workshops, some of the statements are hard hitting and show how young people are effected by the pandemic.  Lets hope that there will be resources in place when we are through this! 


TIME 1075 fm

Another great supporter of our project is one of ESSEX major Radio stations!

Following on from our recent meeting with Lorna Waters, we can now officially announce there supporting our project, so watch out for us with guest shows and appearances.

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YOUTH UNITY Project is building momentum and happy to announce officially that Jumpin Jack Frost the legendary and the original Junglist who still performs to crowds of 30,000 plus and is constantly touring around the globe, will be present on the day and will be working to empower our youth

Youth Unity know that working with such a huge icon we will be able to drive our message to a much wider audience to help empower our young people and build a strong network of people looking to make changes. Watch out for more new and updates on all the great things that will be coming through the Frost Foundation

Lots of exciting announcements coming and also updates from the organisations taking part in the project and details of what they are doing in our communities to make positive changes.



More exciting news!Youth Unity are now officially working with THE CRIB who will be leading on the main stage with their young people. Frank Sweeney will be leading on the project where we will be engaging young people and offering an accredited training program on how to manage a stage from start to end and will be inviting young people who live in the Havering area to get involved if they are interested in events and production.

Youth Unity Day is a project one that we are working to ensure we leave a lasting legacy in helping our Youth and one that will help unite our community to understanding each other and work towards a better future.
If any business would like to sponsor any part of our event please get in touch as this is a not for profit organisation and the event is run purely on volunteers and currently with no funding.


Youth Unity Day 2019 – Barking & Dagenham

Our first flagship festival which attracted over 1700 people from across London. 

With over 700 young people taking part in a Football Tournament from ages 11 to 18.

On the day West Ham talent scout passed by to see what the day was about and was blown away at how well organisation, which promoted him he call many other premiership clubs who attended, scouting for the next England scorer.

We are proud to say that the festival was well received by the local community with many passers by stating how great it was to see so many young people getting involved in something so positive, along with how refreshing it to see so many smiling happy faces and the community together, proof that more of these community led projects are needed.

We are already in planning for 2020, we hope to see you there!

Jon Gildersleeve a member of the community who volunteered so much of his time, played an integral part in the planning to make Youth Unity a success.  Jon worked tirelessly to help fund raise and bring awareness to our organisation.  We can not thank him enough. 

Born in London, Ben Eine is one of the most successful street artists in the world and is regarded as a pioneer in the exploration of graffiti letter forms.  This Mural was donated to MyPlace in Harold Hill and is now a firm fixture on their wall.  


Knife crime is a persistent and worrying concern, especially as it impacts particularly upon young people and the disadvantaged.  As of April 27, there have been 27 fatalities from stabbings in London this year.  Two people were fatally stabbed in separate knife attacks in the capital, in the first six hours of 2019.   There are children being injured or killed by other children every day.

Our plan is to develop a pan-London network of organisations that can effectively provide local solutions to the problem and have a real impact on communities.  

Our first pilot event YOUTH UNITY DAY that will attract over 1,500 to 2,000 people from across London and the UK.  We are working to unite communities to tackle violent crime in our boroughs. 

On June 22nd in Central Park, Dagenham we have over 40 different and varied community organisations joining forces to bring a change in violent crime.  These organisations are working harmoniously to bring the community together and bring about change in perceptions that all youth are in gangs and look for trouble. 

This project will raise awareness that young people can collective come together for the greater good of the community and plan for a healthy productive future.  Sports, arts and music unite everyone, and this family fun day is bringing people from all ages and backgrounds.  By educating and empowering we hope this day will inspire individuals to leave gang culture and formalise more positive lives by dropping knives.  

To build stronger relationships, to encourage them to have a sense of pride in their communities.  Starting this with Youth Unity Day other days with follow to formalise change and improve places and open spaces like parks and recreations areas, bringing back our open spaces to families, where they can feel safe and enjoy the environment and not in fear of robbery or violence.  

Free our spaces for the good not the bad.  Youth Unity Day will offer opportunities on how the younger generation can become more involved in their area by becoming volunteers and showing a pride in their community, gaining new skills, offer training to enhance their possibilities to aspire and fulfil their dreams and to live a life worth living.

We have over 52 teams of youth football.  Boxing, MMA, Army, Police Cadets are attending. To make our event all-inclusive we have specially adapted workshops to learn DJ’ing and also music workshops on how to record a track we have included an area for therapy arts and crafts and to include an area of expression.   All participants will be encouraged to engage with organisations attending on the day to take part in something on offer to them. If we can have just 100 young people sign up to get involved with a program it’s a ripple effect of positivity. 

To enable this, we have engaged many local volunteers to ensure we are steering people to the right places focusing on their individual needs, requirements and aspirations.  Havering MIND charity will attend to ensure we are addressing the importance of mental health issues and will offer vital support for those seeking guidance.    

Our project will be engaging with local businesses in and around the area with a view to employment and training opportunities for young people and their parents and families.  The entertainment on the day will involve young talent from across the area to perform music and dance.   We have the Police and the Fire Brigade attending on a recruitment drive along with the Army.

There will be keynote speakers endorsing the day such as the local MPs, Council Leaders and the Mayor Barking & Dagenham who are supporting this event.  Many of the organisations regularly feature on TV and radio and we will be receiving much press coverage on the event.   For the event to run smoothly we have always engaged a security company to ensure safety and the local police have carried out the necessary risk assessments.  

We have funded the event ourselves with some sponsorship from local companies and it is a not-for-profit event as we are not charging entry as we want this to be an event for everyone to attend.  

We are blessed to have the support of many well-known music artists and all are supporting the event voluntarily, most are from the UK House and Garage scene.  We also are featuring emerging young artists as the event is about empowering our youth


London Unity 2017 was the starting point of Youth Unity 

TThis project  was organised within seven weeks with no budget, just a passion for change.  We had the support of circuit DJs who donated their time and energy to support such a great cause and local community sponsoring some parts of the day.

LONDON UNITY FESTIVAL – 2017 – Bringing Communities together through the power of music and dance

Vision – a unified approach to building communities.

Our vision is for London Unity to be a central hub spot for all organisations, families and young people. 


We aim to develop events that will bring different groups from across the capital together to build cohesive and consistent grass roots approaches to serious youth violence.

We aim to create positive alternatives for young people by embracing the saying, ’it takes a village to raise a child’

We aim to create ways to communicate with each other and the public and ensure that young people know how to access support wherever they are.

To bring organisations from across London together collectively and work as a unit to tackle the problems that are on all our streets!

The website WWW.LONDONUNITYDAY.COM to be a central hub for all organisations with a link to websites and social media.


There are children being injured or killed by other children every day. There are many organisations working on the streets and in the communities that deal with these issues and the underlying causes every day. However, they are often working in isolation. 

Funding for youth services is being cut by local authorities across the board and the services dealing with the aftermath (looked after services, YJS and social services) are stretched to the max. 

By bringing groups together we can share resources and skills and create a collective voice for communities.

We will develop a pan-London network of organisations that can effectively provide solutions to the problem and have a real impact.

Whilst gaining understanding of the causes of these issues we can utilise the experiences and expertise of these groups.

However, we need to change the tone of the conversation and also focus on the positive.

Whilst ensuring that the issues are raised and dealt with strategically we need to provide young people with a platform, parents with support and skills and communities with opportunities.

By working together, we can do this.


FUN DAY – This will be a positive event to promote the work of all the groups involved, bring families and communities together and provide opportunities for young people and attract volunteers and new partners.

To network and build mentoring groups under one umbrella to work closely with young people and to work with schools and youth projects.