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A unified approach to empowering our young people and uniting our communities

Our team have cumulatively 88 years of experience in youth and community development we believe that with this experience we can develop Youth Unity to become the one stop shop for young people to seek help advice and training to enable them to go onto leading sustainable and healthy lives. 

To encourage better community cohesion by running events and projects that bring BAME, LGBT including people with disabilities together to form a better understanding of our differences.

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We aim to minimise both the long and short-term impact of young people being NEET and ensure that as many 16- 24-year-old young people are participating in training and work experience, through specific tailor-made programs, we help to build self-esteem and promote a healthier lifestyle, as well as teaching them the power of earning a legal and responsible living.

Our projects address the traumatic experiences of serious youth violence and since the lock down the extra impact of COVID 19 our mission is to give opportunities for these young people to talk openly about how they feel now and what they feel the future holds for them and what they feel they can do to make the most of the current climate.  It will also address, how young people feel about reintegrating back into schools, colleges and employment, as many young people are now facing a future that is very uncertain.

The Youth Unity team has a solid proven track record including hard evidence of working with young people from all backgrounds including hard to reach.  Paul McKenzie is a leading UK expert on county lines and child exploitation, he is often called to lead on training with Scotland Yard.  Paul is also an expert of working with special needs and works closely with the UKs leading Autism organisation for BAME.

Our team have over the years delivered film workshops in schools, colleges and pupil referral units. Teaching young people of all ages the importance of using social media responsibly. We also run more specific intervention workshops aimed at young people at risk.

Our projects are delivered across London and various parts of the UK, working primarily but not exclusively with Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who are NEET or unemployed.

Youth Unity’s vision is to empower our young people and give opportunities to get involved in activities and training that build a sense of ownership and at the same time can create income and employment. They gain a sense of understanding responsibility and their rights in regard to being young at this time in society. Through specific tailor-made programs, we help to build self-esteem and promote a healthier lifestyle, as well as teaching them the power of earning a legal and responsible living.

We have successfully delivered various projects including an annual festival which has grown with the last event attracting over 2,000 from across London and the UK, the event brought together grassroot organisations and charities that work to tackle youth crime and we used the day to help signpost.  We also hosted many sporting events on the day, with over 700 young people taking part in a football tournament plus we also had martial arts, boxing, dance and music.  

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