A Poem by Billy

Learn to love me..

I was born like this you see,

My Brain is wired slightly differently.

I look at things, in a different way.

Sometimes, I ignore what you say.

My wires get crossed,

In, turn I lose my plot.

I get angry, and start to curse.

Don’t worry this by far is not the worst..

I sit alone and wonder why I’m different to my friends? 

Wonder why their mums don’t like me in the end? 

I haven’t done anything wrong.

But, be their friend along.

I am a friend who is loyal, even when my head is about to boil. 

Mum tells me not to worry, 

She tells me I’m OK, but I know that’s what she is meant to say.

And dad loves me, even after what I said to him yesterday. 

Yes I’m wired different but what did I do wrong?

The head teacher wants me again, I have to sit with her all day long.

My teacher called me a nuecense, my friends say I’m a pest. 

But when it comes to football

They call me ‘the best’. 

My day started good, 

And ended in disaster.

That’s because my Brain went faster.. It got to hard through the day, I threw my work away. My head became a daze. I can’t cope feeling this way. 

I live in my bubble, but I always seem to be in trouble.

The medication isn’t nice, I have to take that once a day, or even twice. 

People judge me because a naughty child is all they see.

Why? Do they do that and not ask me. For my illness you can’t see.

I was born with ADHD.

I am not different from what you can see. 

As I said I’m a normal child, just wired up differently. 

Talk to me, to understand,

And you will learn to love me.

By Billy

How wonderful it is to witness the talent and creativity of the young people we are mentoring at Youth Unity! This poem is truly remarkable and showcases the depth of emotions and imagination that can be unlocked through nurturing and support.

It’s evident that this young poet has a gift for crafting evocative verses that resonate with readers. The imagery is vivid, and the emotions conveyed are palpable, making the poem a moving piece of art.

This poem serves as a testament to the positive impact of mentorship and the potential that lies within each young person, waiting to be nurtured and unlocked. It also reinforces the significance of creating safe spaces where young individuals can explore and develop their talents freely.



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A Poem by Billy

Learn to love me.. I was born like this you see, My Brain is wired slightly differently. I look at things, in a different way.

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