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data since March 2023



data since March 2023



data since March 2023

Our Impact since 2022/23

Our impact has been instrumental in reducing risks, enhancing safeguarding measures, and significantly improving assessment processes. We are deeply committed to equipping our clients with the skills and knowledge needed to make informed decisions, ultimately reducing risks not only to staff but also to other clients. 

The quality feedback we’ve received on our professional training initiatives, delivered to both statutory and non-statutory organisations, serves as compelling statistics attesting to our effectiveness. Our team of trainers and facilitators has a well-established track record, having successfully conducted certified sessions on behalf of SCBs (Safeguarding Children Boards) and statutory services, benefiting approximately 5,000 frontline staff from various agencies and services. 

Through meticulous results analysis and evaluation, we have observed a tangible reduction in risks, accompanied by improved learning outcomes, fortified safeguarding practices, and enhanced assessment procedures. Our unwavering passion lies in ensuring that both young people and professionals are better informed, thus bolstering their knowledge and minimising risks to young individuals. Moreover, we remain dedicated to providing elevated levels of support to further strengthen our impact on the communities we serve. 


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