Vision – a unified positive approach to empowering young people and building communities

Youth Unity develops projects, workshops and events that bring different groups from across the capital together to build cohesive and consistent grass roots approach to tackling serious youth violence. We create positive alternatives for young people by embracing the saying, ’it takes a village to raise a child’ by creating ways to communicate with each other and the public and ensure that young people know how to access support wherever they are.

There are children being injured or killed by other children every day. There are many organisations working on the streets and in the communities, that deal with these issues and the underlying causes every day. However, they are often working in isolation.

By bringing groups together we can share resources and skills and create a collective voice for communities. We are developing a pan-London network of organisations that can effectively provide solutions to the problem and have a real impact. Whilst gaining understanding of the causes of these issues we can utilise the experiences and expertise of these groups.

However, we need to change the tone of the conversation and also focus on the positive. Whilst ensuring that the issues are raised and dealt with strategically, we need to provide young people with a platform, parents with support and skills and communities with opportunities.

By working together, we can do this!

FOAM works to support our projects, please join up and help us make a difference

  • Great music, talented young performers, fun for all the family & Nice vibes. I personally had a wicked day
    Taken from Survey
  • The bringing together of sports and arts in the community to influence our youth positively. Boys love the trophy presentation
    Attendee response on Survey Monkey
  • Football event & variety of things to do. It was really good that the Mayor & wife did the trophy & medals presentation. Made it even more special👍👍👍👍
    Attendee response on Survey Monkey
  • Vibe,size and fact somebody had bothered to put it together in the first place
    Attendee response on Survey Monkey
  • What it stands for, it's aims and ambitions .
    Attendee response on Survey Monkey
  • Everyone coming together out of love and care for others
    Attendee response on Survey Monkey
  • Conscious Youth Unity Day was brilliant, so good to people coming together to brimg change and uplift and empower our youth. Big shout out to Shirley Jacksonand, UWC Radio and all the contributors for creating this great event...we eveb had a lil help from the sunshine! Beautiful day surround by wonderful people! Steps in the right direction...
    Natural Wright
  • The whole community vibe was great to see and it shows we can all play together nicely regardless of where your from.
    Attendee response on Survey Monkey
  • Amazing event on knife crime, it’s hitting the papers...thank you so much to Sarg Singh for the amazing donation for the painting🙌💥
    Neeta Ram
  • So proud to be a part of Youth Unity Day June 22nd 2019 I will be giving one lucky recipient a free place at my Make up Academy which I will be launching this year and another a free makeover and photo shoot!!! Please like share and repost if you know someone that may benefit from these especially a young person who may be vulnerable
    Kristy Prince
  • Thank you ALL!  Love from the Young Urban Arts team x
  • To see kids, adults people in numbers come together from different areas and different backgrounds and talking openly and sharing experiences shows this event impacts massively leave the event with new friends some with a lot in common.  The local residents in the area aeware and welcoming and encouraging this event.  smiles and positive uplifting community building
    Ijah Anderson